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Creating and editing catalogs

When creating a catalog manually, you start by defining the catalog properties and then continue adding catalog entries such as products and their variants. The catalog content can either be imported from an external source, or created manually in the catalog user interface.

Creating a catalog

Catalogs are created from the Catalogs user interface.

Editing a catalog

The properties described below are available when editing a catalog.

Catalogs and languages

Catalog properties are "global", meaning that they have the same value for all languages and can only be edited from the default "master" language. Switch to the default language if you need to edit these. The default language is usually the first language listed next to Languages in the header. The catalog language settings will be inherited by all catalog entries.

Changing the default language for a catalog is rarely needed, but be aware that if you do this some catalog properties might end up having empty values.

  • Refer toManaging multi-lingual content for more information on how to work with languages in EPiServer Commerce.
  • Publishing the updated catalog

    Just as when you edit other types of catalog content, a draft version will be created when you change catalog properties. The changes you make will not be visible on the website until they are published, following the normal content publishing flow in EPiServer.

    Refer to Publishing and managing versions for more information on how to publish changes.

    Deleting a catalog

    Be aware that deleting a catalog may cause things to stop working on your site. Before deleting your catalog you may wish to export it to be saved for future use. The delete operation may take some time depending on the size of the catalog.

    Select the desired catalog in the catalog tree, select Delete in the context menu, and Delete Catalog to confirm the deletion.


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