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This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in EPiServer.

Payments is an essential part of an e-commerce system. When shopping online customers will be presented with a number of different payment options. You can also customize market specific payment methods, to be used for specific markets. When creating and configuring payments in EPiServer Commerce, there are three components that need to be created or re-used as well as configured: Payment Types, Payment Gateways and Payment Methods.

Payment types, gateways and methods

Payment types are meta classes which contain the properties for a particular payment type. For example, a credit card payment type contains credit card number, card expiration date and card type. Some payment types are built-in to EPiServer Commerce:

In addition, a generic "OtherPayment" class type is included in EPiServer Commerce. There are also additional payment providers available as modules for EPiServer Commerce.

Payment gateways provide an interface to the system which provides payment processing. A payment type is passed to the payment gateway and the gateway executes the payment transaction with the payment system (for instance PayPal). One payment type is associated with each payment gateway.

Payment methods contain information about the way the customer views a payment option and has a payment gateway associated with it.

Using built-in payment gateways

To setup payments using a built-in payment gateway, go to Administration, Order System and Payments. Select a language in the list.

The Payment Methods window appears, displaying available payment methods for the selected language.

Creating a payment method

To create a new Payment Method, click on New to open the Payment Method Edit screen.

Explanation of payment method properties:

Under the Markets tab you can select the markets where the payment method should be available. Note that markets must be defined before they can be made available for selection.

Click OK to save the Payment Method. The payment method will appear in the list of Payment Methods.

For a payment method to appear it has to be all of: (1) assigned to the market, (2) assigned to a language that is valid for the market, and (3) assigned to a language that is valid for the site.

Editing payment methods

To edit an existing payment method, click on the Notepad icon next to the Delete icon.

The ID is auto-generated. Every field can be changed except System Keyword. After you are satisfied with your changes, click on OK.

Deleting payment methods

To delete Payment Methods, click on the X icon next to the payment method name and click OK when the pop-up appears. To delete multiple payment methods at once, check mark each payment method you want to delete, then click on More Actions --> Delete on the drop-down menu. Click OK when the pop-up appears.

Using nSoftware provided payment gateways

EPiServer Commerce supports multiple payment gateways out of the box using nSoftware where new payment methods can easily be set up by end-users.

  1. To enable nSoftware supported gateways, create a new payment method.
  2. Enter in a Name, such as nSoftware or anything else.
  3. Enter in a Description.
  4. Enter in the System Keyword as "ICharge".
  5. Select a Language from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select the Class Name "Mediachase.Commerce.Plugins.Payment.ICharge.IChargeGateway".
  7. Select "Yes" for IsActive.
  8. Change the Sort Order, IsDefault, Supports Recurring as needed.
  9. Click OK to save changes.

Once created, click on the payment gateway again to go back to the Payment Method Edit page. Click on the Parameters tab.

The Configure IBiz E-Payment Integrator Component appears and you can select from the Gateway drop-down menu several dozen of the most popular payment gateways will appear. Depending on the gateway you select, such as Authorize.Net, the Configuration Parameters will change. Enter in your credentials and other relevant information to activate the gateway and click OK.


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