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Shipping methods

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in EPiServer.

A Shipping Method manages a set of information and rules that determines the shipping cost and displays it on the front-end site while a customer checks out an item from his/her shopping basket.  The shipping fee is added to the total price of the purchase.

Customizing shipping methods

There are two Shipping Methods available out of the box for you to customize: Ground Shipping and Fixed Shipping.

To customize the Shipping Methods, first go to Administration > Order System > Shipping > Shipping Methods > English (United States) or any other languages.

At the Shipping Methods List screen, select the edit icon for either of the available methods. The Overview tab screen for Shipping Method Edit will load with the below fields:

The Settings tab is used to exclude any Countries, Regions, and Payments from a particular shipping method.
To exclude a selection, highlight the items on the Available boxes on the left and move them to the Chosen Countries boxes by clicking Add.

The Parameters tab is use to set conditions to determine the shipping fee. This screen become available only when the Weight/Jurisdiction Gateway is select in the Provider field in the Overview tab (it will be empty with the Generic Gateway option).

When finish entering the values above, select Add to save the condition. The condition will appear on table below. In the above example, if the customer checks out an item that weights anywhere between 0 to 10 weight units (lbs for example), and the customer's shipping address is in the United States, then the total shipping fee will equal $10 + the base price you enter in the overview screen.

Click OK to save changes.

Deleting shipping methods

  1. Check off the box that corresponds to the shipping methods you want to delete.
  2. Click on the More Actions button on the upper left corner of the main window menu bar, and choose Delete from the pull down menu.
  3. Click OK when prompted. The selected methods will be deleted from the list.


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