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Creating a form element instance [BETA]

A form element type is one of the Episerver-defined block-based form elements. See Form element types [BETA].

A form element instance is a specific use of an element type. For example, you can use the Text element type to create specific element instances called Name and E-mail. Name can be a simple text field, while E-mail is a text field with verification to ensure the text is properly formatted into a valid email address.

  1. Edit a page that contains a form.
  2. Drag any form element from the Form Elements gadget onto the page. For example, drag Text to the page.

    You also can click Browse to select a form element. The New form element selection appears with the default elements to use as a template for your new block element.

  3. Select Edit from the context menu next to the Text form element instance to create a new text element with a Company label.
  4. Edit the information and publish. The new Company Text form element instance appears in the form container and the Form Elements box. Dragging the elements up or down in the box rearranges the elements on your form.
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