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Administration interface

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

Depending on which parts of the Episerver platform are implemented, various administration options are available in the user interface. The options described here apply to a standard installation of Episerver and related products; a customized site might have additional administration options.

Administration view

The admin view in CMS contains core administration features for the Episerver platform. This is where you manage access rights, website languages, and scheduled jobs. This is also where you manage the export and import of data between websites, and configure new websites in a multi-site solution.

Visitor groups

Visitor groups are used by the personalization feature, and are managed from the Visitor Groups option in the global menu. You need administration access rights to manage visitor groups.

More on administration

Administration in Commerce

If you have Episerver Commerce installed on your website, Commerce has an administrative interface for managing e-commerce-specific settings. Refer to the Administration section for Episerver Commerce.

Administration in Find

If you have added Episerver Find to your website, there are some specific administration and configuration options available to optimize the search functionality. Refer to the Administration and configuration section for Episerver Find.

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