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Content types

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

Content in Episerver can be for instance of types pages and blocks, folders, or media files, such as images and documents. Content can also be products in a product catalog in Episerver Commerce.

Content types and properties

Page and block types contain the properties where editors enter information, for example, a link to an image on a web page.

For a content type, you define a set of properties that can hold information, for example, a link to an image or to a web page, or an editorial text. A typical website has a set of content types that match the identified functions needed on that website.

The content type is the base/blueprint from which you create one or many page or block instances. To display content to visitors, the page or block type and its properties need to be mapped to corresponding rendering.

The content concept in Episerver is based on inheritance from a “generic” content type, which is then used to create specific content types, such as a page type or a media folder. Using this feature, developers can easily create custom content types when setting up new websites.

You can define page types either in code or from the admin view. Block types, on the other hand, can only be defined in code. For page types defined in code and for all block types, it is possible to do “non-breaking changes” of properties in admin view.

If the settings defined in code cannot be changed in admin view, information about this is displayed. If you make changes to a page type defined in code, you can reset the changes to the original values defined in code.

Page types

Be careful when altering page type settings since changes may cause the website to stop working. Although you can create page types in admin view, it is recommended to create them from code.

Block types

Block types are similar to page types, and some settings can be modified from admin view.

Other content types

By default, there are generic content types for other types of content such as folders and media files. Based on these, developers can create specific content types. You can for instance have a specific folder or media file content type, where you can add properties such as “Copyright” or “Photographer”.

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