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Managing users and user groups

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

For easier and safer maintenance, it is recommended to base access rights on user groups rather than individual users. You can develop your own membership and role providers. Refer to the technical documentation on Episerver World for more information.

You have the following options for storing and managing users and user groups:

  • Use existing Windows groups, which are available in admin view through the Windows membership and role provider.
  • Manage users and user groups directly from CMS. These are stored in the database.
  • Develop your own customized role and membership provider.

You can also combine these options.

Creating groups in Windows

Users and user groups created in Windows can only be managed from Windows. However, when a user logs in to Episerver CMS for the first time, they become available in the admin view. You can apply access rights from there, and add the user to the proper user groups.

If you create a new group in Windows that you want to use in Episerver CMS, start by logging in with one of the users. Then, log in as an administrator, and the group appears in admin view.

Creating and deleting groups in CMS

When you select Administer Groups in admin view, all groups are shown irrespective of the provider used on the website. The group provider is shown to the right of the group name.

Click Add to create a user group, enter a name, and save your changes.

Users and groups that you create in Episerver CMS are only available here, they are not accessible from Windows. Also, it is not possible to change the name of an existing group. Instead, delete the group and add a new one.

Click Delete to delete a user group. Note that you can only delete user groups created from CMS. Deleting a user group cannot be undone.

Creating, editing and deleting users

To add a user in the CMS, do the following:

  1. On the Admin tab, select Create User.
  2. For the account to work, a user name, password and e-mail address must be specified and the account must be set to "Active".
  3. Select the user groups the user should belong to.
  4. Under the Display Options tab, you can specify a default language for the user interface (optional) and touch support.
  5. Save the settings.

To edit user settings, search for the user under Search User/Group and then click a user name. Properties can only be modified for users that have been created via self-registration or via Create User in CMS.

To delete a user, search for the user under Search User/Group, click a user name to edit the settings, and click Delete. Note that deleting a user cannot be undone.

Displaying members of a user group

Use the Search User/Group option to display groups, and click the desired group name to see members.

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