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Browsing organizations

To browse organizations, go to Commerce Manager > Customer Management > Organization.

In this view, the organization details display the following information:

  • Name. Name of the organization.
  • Description. Additional details about the organization.
  • Type. Organization or Organization Unit.
  • Business Category. Under which category the organization falls.

Viewing organization details

Select an organization in the list to display detailed information about the type of organization and related contacts, organizations (parent/sub), addresses and credit cards.

Searching for an organization

You can also use the search field on top of the Organization List to find specific organizations by name. Enter your search terms and click Search. To conduct a new search, click Reset to reset the form and enter new search terms.

Customizing views for browsing organizations

As an organization list gets longer, you can create and customize views to filter the list. Define the columns you want to be displayed for the view, and the filters to be applied when selecting what to include in the view.

  1. Select View > [ New View] The New View dialog box appears.
    1. On the General tab, enter a Title for the custom view. Click Show this view for all users if you want other users to see this custom view.
    2. On the Fields tab, select which columns you want to appear in the custom view. Select an available column and click Right Arrow to move it to the Visible columns list. To deselect and column select a visible column and click Left Arrow. Click Up and Down arrows to re-order the list.
    3. On the Filters tab, set the view filters. Click + to add another filter.
  2. Click Save to return to the Organization List screen. The new view appears in the View drop-down box.

Editing and deleting views

To edit an existing view, select the view from the drop-down menu and click Edit. The View Editing dialog is displayed and you can edit all properties.

To delete a custom view, click X.

Customized view example

The following example creates a view that shows only organizations that match a business category and organization name. Create a filter condition that displays organizations with a Business Category that equals Business & Professional Services and an Organization Name that equals Company X.

  1. Click Add (+) and from the drop-down click Business Category. Two fields, which default to Equals and Arts & Entertainment, automatically appear.
    1. Click Equals and a drop-down appears. Keep the field as "Equals."
    2. Select the field to the right of it and select a Business Category name (such as Business and Professional Services).
  2. Click the next Add (+) and click Name to add another filter so that the organization matches Business Category and Name.
    1. Click Equals.
    2. Enter in the name of the organization in the Text field.
  3. Click Save.
  4. To apply the view, select it from the drop-down. Based on the columns and filters you applied for the custom view, your organization list reflects those options.

Printing a list of organizations

Click Printer Version to generate a printer-friendly list of organizations. A new window appears and renders a simple table suitable for printing.

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