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Creating a promotion for a customer group

Customer groups are useful when you set permissions, promotionA way to apply a discount to the products, order totals, or shipping; a marketing tool used to increase sales of certain products or product lines. A promotion is associated with a campaign.s, and targeted marketing campaignCommerce: a set of related components and activities used for promotions. A campaign organizes marketing activity and is associated with discounts (promotions), customer segments, and markets.s. Customer groups are controlled at the campaign level by means of customer segments and not applied directly to a single promotion. Customer segments define conditions, one of which is Customer Group. If any condition is satisfied, the customer in question qualifies for the segment.

  1. Go to Commerce Manager Marketing > Customer Segments and click New Segment or edit an existing one in the list. An Overview tab appears.
  2. Click New Condition or edit an existing condition.
  3. Select the green plus sign to start entering criteria for the condition.
  4. Click CustomerGroup and select a specific customer group that was previously created in Commerce Manager.
  5. Click OK. The Customer Segment reflects the added condition (only the name is displayed for the condition). You should use a condition name indicating the customer group.
  6. You can add more options to customize the selection of customers. For example, you can change Equals to NotEquals to exclude multiple customer groups when they do not match any other conditions for the segment.
  7. After you define the customer segments, the Campaign dialog box associates a marketing campaign with one or more customer segmentDetermines the target audience (such as "users from Los Angeles") for a promotion. Within a campaign, promotions are applied to whatever customer segments are associated with the same campaign. Members of the customer segments are defined in static groups, or you can use the Expressions Engine to create a dynamic group whenever you run a promotions. You can create an expression that includes customers whose home city is Los Angeles so that when a LA user registers on the site, the user becomes part of the target customer segment.s. Promotions created for the campaign apply only for users in the selected customer segments. In this example, only contacts with an EffectiveCustomerGroup matching the selected customer group are eligible for promotions in the campaign.
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