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The Marketing system is where you create coupons, discountA value that is subtracted from the list price.s, and promotionA way to apply a discount to the products, order totals, or shipping; a marketing tool used to increase sales of certain products or product lines. A promotion is associated with a campaign.s that can be applied to productCommerce: various forms of merchandise that you can display and purchase from the public site, including products, variations/SKUs, bundles, packages and dynamic packages.s, orders, or shipping. Most commonly, these promotions are created and managed by marketing and catalogCommerce: a top-level container for catalog entries such as categories, products, and variants (SKUs). managers, and other users or administrators who handle pricing and discounts.

The marketing features make it possible to create unique and compelling discounts and promotions. Any discount that you create can be either percentage or value based (fixed price). You can also create a campaignCommerce: a set of related components and activities used for promotions. A campaign organizes marketing activity and is associated with discounts (promotions), customer segments, and markets. and customer segmentDetermines the target audience (such as "users from Los Angeles") for a promotion. Within a campaign, promotions are applied to whatever customer segments are associated with the same campaign. Members of the customer segments are defined in static groups, or you can use the Expressions Engine to create a dynamic group whenever you run a promotions. You can create an expression that includes customers whose home city is Los Angeles so that when a LA user registers on the site, the user becomes part of the target customer segment. so that you can target the promotions you have created to specific customers or time periods. Campaigns and promotions can also be targeted towards specific markets.

The Marketing system consists of the following components:

  • Campaigns. A logical grouping of promotions or customer segments which runs over a specified period of time.
  • Customer segments. A subset of customers or users of your website to whom you can target individual promotions or campaigns.
  • Promotions. Any sort of discount or coupon that can be applied to individual catalog entries, orders or shipping charges.
  • Expressions. Conditions expressed in XML which are used to extend or create custom promotions.
  • Policies. Global rules that are applied to all aspects of the marketing system, and promotions in particular.

Working with the marketing system includes the following tasks:

  • Creating and managing campaigns, which can be targeted to specific groups of users.
  • Configuring customer segments used for targeting of promotions to specific groups of users and customers.
  • Creating different types of promotions with discounts and coupons.
  • Configuring expressions and policies for defining additional rules and promotion types.

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