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Completing a shipment

This is the final stage of an order where you prepare the physical shipmentCommerce: a collection of products from a purchase order, ready to be shipped to the receiver after having gone through inventory check and other verifications. by assigning tracking information, preparing packing slipThe paper slip with order information that is attached to the physical package during the shipping procedure.s and sending the packageCommerce: a unit that contains multiple products or variants, with a single unique pricing for the entire package; comparable to an individual SKU because the package item must be purchased as a whole (such as a computer system). when the order is completed. The order becomes available for creating returnCommerce: manages exchanges and refunds for faulty products.s if needed; returns are creates for completed orders only.

A completed order has the status Completed in the order list and disappears from the Picklist listed under Shipping/Receiving. The picklistThe list used in a warehouse to collect the physical product items for a purchase order shipping. remains in the list even if there are no packing shipments remaining.

Use either of the following methods to complete a shipment.

Method 1

  1. Select the box next to the shipment and then click Complete. The Complete shipment dialog box appears.

    The default shipment number is based on the number after the purchase order number. For example, in the previous image, the PO number for the selected order is PO10728-9. The last number after the dash is the number you want to enter into the text field, in this case it is 9.

  2. Click Validate. When validated, you see the customer name, shipping address, shipping method, and a field to enter the tracking number provided by the shipping provider. Enter a tracking numberUsed for tracking shipment of orders. and click OK. The shipment is sent out and completed. The purchase orderInformation for a website purchase including purchased items, address and shipping information and payment verification. status changes to Completed.

The Complete shipment dialog box appears over the purchase order number. To reference the shipment number without closing the dialog box, you can move the dialog box so you can see the POPurchase Order number by hovering your mouse cursor over the Complete shipment title bar.

Method 2

  1. To complete a shipment, click Complete Shipment . The Complete shipment dialog box appears.

    The shipment # is already validated with the last number of the PO number.

  2. Enter a tracking number provided by the shipping provider and click OK to complete the shipment and order.

Printing a picklist and packing slip

  1. Go to Order Management > Pick Lists. You can filter the view by choosing which warehouse the pick list was generated in. You also can sort existing picklists by Name, Packing Shipments, Warehouse, and Created By.
  2. Select an existing picklist. The Packing Shipments window appears.
    • To print a picklist, select one or more purchase orders and click Print Picklist to generate a printable and exportable (Excel or PDF) picklist.
    • To print a packing slip, select one or more purchase orders to include in the packing slip and then click Print Packing Slip.
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