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Converting a shopping cart

In most cases, a shopping cartA collection of products selected by a website shopper, with the intention of completing a buying procedure. Also called shopping cart or basket. is automatically converted into a purchase orderInformation for a website purchase including purchased items, address and shipping information and payment verification. when a shopper proceeds to checkoutThe process of buying one or more products in a webshop including shipping and billing addresses, shipping methods, and payments. and finalize their purchase there. However, you may need to manually complete a purchase by converting a shopping cart into an order for further processing.

  1. Go to Order Management > Carts. You see the Shopping Carts list. You also can select Today, This Week, or This Month to filter by date range.
  2. Select the ID number of the shopping cart you want to convert to a purchase order. The Cart View window appears with customer cart details.

    The following image shows an anonymous user Cart View.

    • Edit Information. You can change the currency of the purchase order.
    • Open Customer Profile. You can view the profile of the registered customer (this option is not available for anonymous shopping carts).
    • Line Items. The list of items in the customer's shopping cart, displaying the Quantity of each item, List Price, and Total.
    • Notes. Add, edit, or delete notes about the shopping cart.
  3. Select More Actions > Convert to Purchase Order. The page refreshes and shows the Order view page for further processing of the purchase order.
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