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Creating a shopping cart

Each shopping cartA collection of products selected by a website shopper, with the intention of completing a buying procedure. Also called shopping cart or basket. is unique and has its own ID. When you manually create a cart, select a customer, and the system automatically redirects you to an open cart for a customer (if that customer already has a cart open). You can have only one cart open per customer at a time. When a cart is turned into an order, it disappears from the Carts list, and appear in the purchase orderInformation for a website purchase including purchased items, address and shipping information and payment verification. listing.

  1. Go to Order Management > Carts.
  2. Click New Shopping Cart.
  3. Select a customer for whom you want to create the cart. If you do not see the customer in the list, click More to search for them.
  4. Enter product items to the cart by clicking New Line Item.
  5. Return to the Carts view to verify that the cart is there.
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