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Creating an order

Customers create the majority of orders on the front-end in an online store, but you may need to manually create an order from Commerce Manager.

You can create orders either from within Order Management, or directly for a Contact in Customer Management. The order management option is the fastest and most common way, providing more order alternatives.

Using the Customer Management system takes a little longer but allows you to double-check a customer's information before beginning an order.

When you create an order,. it appears in the Purchase Orders list with the order status In Progress.

Creating an order from order list

  1. Go to Order Management > Purchase Orders.
  2. Click New Order. A dialog box appears.
  3. Select the Site and Customer to which the new order applies. Select Customer > More if your customer is not listed.
  4. Click OK. The basic order information appears.
  5. Fill out the purchase order and click Apply.
  6. Click New Item to select the items in the site catalogCommerce: a top-level container for catalog entries such as categories, products, and variants (SKUs). to associate with the purchase order. A dialog box appears so you can select items from a site catalog.
  7. Search for items by entering your search terms into the search field and click Find. You can sort search results by selecting the column header.

    Use the following fields to refine your item search results.

  8. Select an item from the list and click Configure Selected Entry. The New Line Item dialog appears.
  9. Click Add item to the order. The item appears on the Purchase Order form.
  10. Enter a Billing and a Shipping Address. You can select an existing address associated with the contact.
    • Select Add to customer's address book if you want to save the address to the contact.
    • If the Shipping Address is the same as the Billing Address, click Same as Billing Address. The Shipping Address form is auto-populated with the information entered in the Billing Address form.
  11. Select the Shipping Method for the order. Select Recalculate to generate and display the cost summary.
  12. Click OK to save the order.

Creating an order within a contact

  1. Go to Customer Management > Contacts. The contact details appear.
  2. Click New Order or select an existing contact. The New Order dialog box appears.
  3. Select the site where you want to apply the order and click OK. The Purchase Order New form appears, letting users enter basic information about the order.
  4. Follow the steps in Creating an order from order list to complete the order.
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