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Customizing the left menu

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

You can customize the left navigation frame in Commerce Manager by adding business objects. Before you customize, see Publishing business objects, which describes setting permissions and publishing of business objects.

Adding a left menu item

To add a Left Menu item, you can either configure the entire menu item first within Business Foundation, or you can add an empty container by clicking Add and then going back to Business Foundation to fill in the page contents (objects).

A dialog box appears for publication settings.

  • Display Region. Select on an item in the navigation tree to display the parent node of the new left menu item.
  • Display Text. Defaults to the system name of the Business Object. You can rename it.
  • Item Link. Enter a URLUniform Resource Locator. Also known as a web address such as to display when the new left menu item is selected.
  • Display Order. Defaults to 10000. You can change the value to determine the position of the node.
  • Access Permissions. Automatically populated (if the menu item was created in Business Foundation). See Access rights for more information about roles and Commerce functions. If you are creating a new menu item, you can leave the field blank, or copy permissions from other menu items.
  • Item Icon. Click Browse to upload an icon that represents the menu item.

Click Add to add the menu item under the Display Region item in the left menu.

To verify if the object was published, go to the Display Region where you specified the object to be published. Click Refresh on the left navigation frame.

To Edit a user-generated node in the left menu, click Edit.

If the left menu item was created via the Left Menu page, the following dialog box appears.

If the left menu item node was created using Business Foundation, the following dialog box appears.

To change the sort order of the left menu item, adjust the numerical value in Display Order. The lower the value, the higher the position of the item within the navigation tree relative to items with a higher Display Order value.

To save changes, click OK.

To delete a left menu item, click X.

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