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You need to create three components for paymentCommerce: the verification of a money transaction in a website shopping situation. The e-commerce system most often needs a verification for a payment to create the actual purchase order and complete the shopping workflow. in Episerver Commerce. You also can give customers several payment options and customize methods for specific markets.

  • Payment type. A meta class that contains the properties for a particular payment type. For example, a credit card payment type contains credit card number, card expiration date, and card type. Episerver provides the following payment types:
    • Payment by phone
    • Exchange payment
    • Credit card payment
    • Other Payment

    Additional payment providers are available as modules for Episerver Commerce.

  • Payment gateway. Provides an interface to the system that provides payment processing. A payment type is passed to the payment gateway and the gateway executes the payment transaction with the payment system (such as PayPal). One payment type is associated with each payment gateway.
  • Payment method. Contains information about the way the customer views a payment option and has a payment gateway associated with it.

Setting up a payment

  1. Go to Administration > Order System > Payments and select a language in the list. The Payment Methods window appears, displaying available payment methods for the selected language.
  2. On the Payment Methods window, click New to create a new payment method. The Payment Method Edit screen appears.
    • ID. The system-assigned unique identifier for the payment gateway.
    • Name. Enter the name displayed to the user.
    • Description. Enter a description that is displayed to the user.
    • System Keyword. Enter a unique name for each instance of the gateway; new non-unique keywords do not save to the database. This keyword is not editable after a gateway is created.
    • Language. Select a language for the payment gateway.
    • Class Name. Name of the gateway class to be associated with the payment.
    • Payment Class. Name of the gateway payment to be associated with the payment.
    • Sort Order. Enter a number to order the payment method on the list of payment methods page.
    • IsActive. Select Yes to activate the payment method; otherwise No.
    • IsDefault. Select Yes to make this payment method the default; otherwise No.
    • Supports Recurring. Select Yes to support recurring paymentPayments that are initiated by Commerce Manager on a regular cycle, used in a subscription-based scenario.s, such as a subscription; otherwise No.
    • Restricted Shipping Methods.
  3. On the Markets tab, select the markets where the payment method are available. You must define a market before it can be selected.
  4. Click OK to save the Payment Method. The payment method appears in the list of Payment Methods.

For a payment method to appear it has to be all of: (1) assigned to the market, (2) assigned to a language that is valid for the market, and (3) assigned to a language that is valid for the site.

Editing payment methods

To edit an existing payment method, click Edit.

The ID is automatically generated. You can change the other fields (except System Keyword). Click OK to save your changes.

Deleting payment methods

To delete Payment Methods, click X and click OK to confirm.

To delete multiple payment methods at once, select each payment method you want to delete, then select More Actions > Delete. Click OK to confirm.

Using nSoftware-provided payment gateways

Episerver Commerce supports multiple payment gateways using nSoftware where an end user can set up a new payment method. The following procedure shows how to enable an nSoftware-supported gateway.

  1. Create a new payment method.
  2. Enter a Name, such as nSoftware.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Enter the System Keyword as ICharge.
  5. Select a Language.
  6. Select the Class Name: Mediachase.Commerce.Plugins.Payment.ICharge.IChargeGateway.
  7. Select Yes for IsActive.
  8. Change the Sort Order, IsDefault, and Supports Recurring as needed.
  9. Click OK to save changes.
  10. Click the payment gateway again to go back to the Payment Method Edit page.
  11. Click the Parameters tab. The Configure IBiz E-Payment Integrator Component appears.
  12. You can select from the most popular payment gateways in the Gateway drop-down menu. The Configuration Parameters change depending on the gateway you select, such as Authorize.Net.
  13. Enter your credentials and other relevant information to activate the gateway and click OK.
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