Shipping providers

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

A shipping provider class interacts with a shipping service, such as USPS, UPS, or FedEX by retrieving shipping price information. A provider can present specific scenarios with one or more services, such as price by weight or ground shipping.

The Shipping Providers page manages the list of providers and types.

Customizing a shipping provider

  1. Go to Administration > Order System > Shipping > Shipping Providers.  Edit one of the two providers listed.
  2. Edit Name and Description.
  3. System Keyword (no spaces) and Classes are something that your developers need to code and provide.   
  4. Click OK to save changes. The revised shipping provider appears in the Shipping Providers page.

The Parameters and Packages tabs are partially implemented to let developers fully customize those features.

Deleting shipping providers

  1. Go to the Shipping Providers page.
  2. Select the check box that corresponds to the shipping providers you want to delete. (You can also click X to delete an individual shipping provider.)
  3. Select More Actions > Delete.
  4. Click OK to confirm.
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