Episerver Find introduction

Episerver Find

Episerver Find requires an additional license and an index. See Episerver World for details about installation and configuration. After installation, Find appears on the global menu in edit view.

Most site visitors abandon a website if they cannot quickly find what they are looking for. With increasing information volumes, menu navigation is no longer sufficient, so search becomes critical for locating information. Episerver Find adds powerful search functionality to websites. Search encompasses internet search engines (like Bing) and a website's search function.

Search optimization increases the chances of attracting visitors to your website, keeping them there, and getting them to complete an action, such as registering or shopping. Episerver Find bases search functionality on visitor search behavior and website statistics. Using this information, you can add automatic landing pages, adaptive navigation and guided search to increase website traffic and boost conversion rates.

This section shows "search administrators", such as editors and Episerver site administrators, how to set up and use Find. The documentation also tells developers how to configure and set up search features.

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