This user guide describes features and functionality of the Episerver platform including CMS for content management, Commerce for e-commerce functionality, and Find for extended search, as well as other Add-ons from Episerver.

The user guide is intended for editors, administrators, marketers and merchandisers, working with tasks as described in Roles and tasks. The user guide may also be helpful for developers when configuring and setting up Episerver websites. Refer to Episerver World for developer guides and technical documentation.

Features, licenses and releases

This user guide covers the latest releases for the entire Episerver platform.

Episerver CMS is the core part of the Episerver platform providing advanced content creation and publishing features for all types of website content. CMS features are available in all Episerver installations.

Episerver Commerce adds complete e-commerce capabilities to the core functionality in CMS. Commerce requires additional license activation.

Add-ons extend the Episerver capabilities with features like advanced search, multi-variate testing, and social media integration. Some add-ons are free, others require license activation. Add-ons by Episerver are covered in this documentation.

Due to frequent feature releases, this user guide may describe functionality that is not yet available on your website. Refer to What's new to find out in which area and release a specific feature became available.

User guide for print

The Episerver user guide is also available in print format on Episerver World.

Copyright notice

Copyright © 1996 – 2015 Episerver AB. All rights reserved.

Copying of the contents, may not be done without permission. We assume no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this document. We reserve the right to alter functionality and technical system requirements. Episerver is a registered trademark of Episerver AB.

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