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Blocks are pieces of content that can be reused and shared between websites, while being maintained in one place only. Typical types of content blocks are campaign teasers and banners, videos, news feeds and contact forms. Just like for pages, you can have different block types, for instance, an editorial block, or a form or page listing block.

Blocks are managed from the Blocks tab under the assets pane in Episerver CMS, where you can create new blocks and organize them in folders. You can then utilize blocks by dragging them into the content areaThe area where you can drag-and-drop pages and blocks, and create a block. (A link collections has a similar area for creating links.) of Episerver CMS pages. You can manage block versions like other types of content, and blocks can also be personalized to be displayed for selected visitor groupSite visitors with something in common, such as age, geographic location, and so on. Used in the personalization feature of Episerver CMS. (See Personalizing Content.)s.

Use the search field at the top of the pane to enter search criteria and retrieve blocks. Clicking a search result will expand the folder where the block is located. To browse for blocks, click a folder to expand the folders and content beneath it.

See also: Self-optimizing block.

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