Managing gadgets

A gadget is a small application that can be made available for easy access from the dashboard or the assets and navigation panes in Episerver. There are predefined gadgets both for the Episerver platform as well as product-specific ones, for example, gadgets for forms viewing, visitor groups statistics, version management and the product catalog, if you have Commerce installed. As a developer, you can develop custom gadgets to extend the features of your Episerver solution.

Built-in gadgets

Managing gadgets

Gadgets are managed in a similar fashion both on the dashboard and in the panes in edit view. Click the Settings icon to access the gadget management options.

Adding gadgets

Select Add Gadgets, and select a gadget to add from the list of available gadgets.

Rearranging gadgets

Select Rearrange Gadgets, select a gadget, and drag it to the desired position on the dashboard or in a pane.

Removing gadgets

Select Rearrange Gadgets, and click the Remove gadget symbol next to the gadget you want to remove from the dashboard or pane.

Commerce-specific gadgets

Episerver Commerce comes with a set of e-commerce-specific gadgets.


Many add-ons are made available in the user interface as gadgets to extend the capabilities within various areas of Episerver.

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