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Publish from Office

Publish from Office lets you publish Microsoft Word® documents as Web pages in Episerver CMS.

After you install the add-onA plug-in or module, developed by Episerver or its partners, to extend the capabilities of Episerver. Add-ons are available from the Episerver Add-on Store inside Episerver., you can add it as a Episerver add-ons.

Episerver Publish from Office requires no additional license. Refer to Episerver World for details about installation and configuration of content channels.

  1. When you finish editing an Microsoft Word document, select File, Save & Send and then Publish as Blog Post. The document opens in blog edit mode, where you can continue to edit.
  2. When you are done, click Publish to publish the content to a new page that appears as a child page under the root page selected for the configured content channel.

The drop-down list is at the top of the page where you can select the blog account where you want to publish.

Uploading an image to the blog post

You can drag media to the upload area. You also can click directly in the upload area to add files. Or, you can select Upload Files in the context menu for the target folder to which you want to upload files.

The uploaded image is stored in a folder (named by a short string of the blog post’s title provided by Microsoft Word) under the root of For All Sites > AddOn > OfficePublish.

Adding the blog edit mode option in Microsoft Word

You can add a custom ribbon with a button to switch Microsoft Word into blog edit mode without having to go through all the steps under the File menu.

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