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Exporting and importing data

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

You can export and import data between Episerver websites. This function is widely used by developers building new functionality in a test/development environment. When work is completed and the information is ready for the production environment, use the export/import features to transfer the data between the websites.

Exporting data

You can export the following:

  • Content items
  • Content types
  • Frames
  • Dynamic property definitions
  • Tabs
  • Categories
  • Files
  • Visitor groups

When selecting a type of item to export, available items of that type on the website will be displayed.

Select the items to transfer and click Export to download the file package.

Importing data

With the Import Data function, you can retrieve information exported from another Episerver website. Start by selecting the file package to import, files must end with *.episerverdata in order for the import to work.

Click Upload and Verify File to verify the file content. The files are read and checked, and verification information will be displayed. Select a destination for imported pages to be added, and click Begin Import.

If you select Update existing pages with matching ID check box, the import will keep the same GUID-based identities for items (for example, pages, blocks and files) as they had on the exporting site. During import, a check whether an item already exists is performed, and if true that item will be updated (given that the imported item had a changed date that is later than the existing item). This means that content items with the same ID will be replaced instead of added, with every new import.

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