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Comparing versions

In the compare view in Episerver you can compare content and properties between specific versions to see what has changed. When comparing content, two page versions are displayed side-by-side in the On-page edit view. Properties are compared in the All properties edit view.

Toggle the Compare different versions button on the toolbar to turn the compare view on and off.

The Select compare mode button is displayed in the compare view and shows the selected compare mode, that is, if you are comparing content or properties. This selection is "sticky" which means that whatever mode was used the last time you did a comparison will be preselected the next time you turn on the compare feature.

Click this button to display a drop-down menu where you can change compare mode:

The notification bar displays two drop-down lists from which you can choose which versions to compare. By default, the draft will be shown in the left pane and the currently published version in the right. All language versions of the content are listed by default.

Comparing content

When comparing content you see the two different versions side by side in the On-page edit view. It is possible to scroll and resize the panes.

When you edit a published version in the left pane, a new draft will be created and displayed in the version list. It works in a similar way as you edit content directly on the page, and when you are done, you can publish a draft, or republish a previous version.

Comparing language versions when translating content

The current language will be selected in the language selector list, and you can filter the versions by language. You can compare versions made in the same language, or in different languages.

By comparing versions made in different languages, you can translate the content in the left pane side by side with the published version of the current language. You can also jump between languages to edit by selecting the current language in the version list of the left pane, and then switch language on the notification bar.

Comparing properties

When selecting to compare all properties, the two compared versions of the properties are displayed side-by-side in the All Properties editing view. They are displayed in the same tabs as they usually are, with the exception of the Basic info properties; these are displayed in a tab of their own instead of in the Basic info area. Tabs that contain changes between versions are highlighted with a yellow digit; the digit identifies the number of changed properties there are on the tab between the two compared versions.

In the compare properties view, the two property versions are displayed side-by-side. The latest version of the property is shown first, either to the left of or above the older version of the property. All properties that differ between the two versions are highlighted with a yellow background.

You can edit the latest version of the properties, and if you decide that you prefer the older version to the newer, you can click Copy and the older version will be used in the newer version as well. When you edit a published property, a new draft is created and displayed in the version list.

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