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Inserting embedded media

Adding embedded media to content works in the same way in both Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce. Embedded media can be, for instance, a video or Flash animations. Just as with images, the embedded media must be available on the Media tab to be able to link to the media file as described in Managing media. The most common file formats are supported on the Episerver CMS sample site. For a detailed description of other formats such as Quicktime, Windows Media and Real Media, refer to available accessibility coding standards.

Depending on the type of media you select on the General tab, the attribute options will vary on the Advanced tab. For a more detailed description of Flash movie attributes, please refer to available accessibility coding standards.

Insert embedded media as follows:

  1. Place the cursor in the editor area where you want to insert your image.
  2. Click the Insert/edit embedded media image button on the editor toolbar.
  3. In Type, select the type of media and associated format, for instance Flash, Quicktime or Windows Media. Flash is selected by default.
  4. In File/URL, browse to select the media file in the File Manager.
  5. In Dimensions, set the dimensions of the movie in pixels. Ensure that Constrain properties is selected to keep the proportions of the movie.
  6. Click Insert and the media will be linked into the page.

Advanced settings

By selecting the Advanced tab, you can work with advanced media settings (background color, alignment and options for the display of media) as follows:

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