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Editing a catalog entry

You can do the following with a catalogCommerce: a top-level container for catalog entries such as categories, products, and variants (SKUs). entry:

Creating a catalog entry describes the types of catalog entries you can have.

Catalog-specific editing options

In Commerce, you find a view selector with additional options in addition to All Properties and On-Page Editing views. Using these you can work with items in a Item List, or access the Pricing and Relations views for a selected category or product.


A property is a field where you enter information, for instance a product description or a link to an image. The properties that you see when editing content are both built-in Episerver properties and customized properties for templates on your website. This description refers to properties in a standard installation of the Episerver Commerce sample site.


Drag-and-drop functionality is frequently used in Episerver. You can add assets by dragging items from Media in the assets pane into the assets area of a product, or add an image to a product description by dragging the image from Media into the rich-text editor of a product description.

Saving and publishing

After editing a catalog entry, you can either publish the changes directly, or schedule for later publishing using the save and publish flow for content in Episerver. Certain information such as pricing, is immediately published when edited.

Deleting catalog entries

You can delete products and variants, and entire product categories and their related products, when maintaining your product catalog. See Editing product categories, Editing products and variants, and Editing packages and bundles for information about deleting different types of catalog entries.

Translating catalog content

Like other types of content such as pages and blocks, catalog entries can exist in multiple languages. See Multi-language management for information about translating catalog entries.

Editing multiple catalog entries

When you display a listing in the item list area, work with several catalog entries by selecting a number of items in the list, and then apply actions such as cut, copy, paste, detach and delete from the toolbar.

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