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Creating or editing an organization

  1. Go to Commerce Manager > Customer Management and Organizations. The Organizations page appears listing any existing organizations.
  2. Click New Organization or any existing organization. A data input screen appears.
  3. Enter data for the new organization.
    • Name. Enter in the organization name. (This is the only required field.)
    • Description. Enter details about the organization.
    • Type. Select an option to assign a type to the organization. If the organization is a parent organization, click Organization, if the organization is a sub-organization, click Organization Unit. You can add more types to the drop-down by clicking the icon.
    • Organization Customer Group. Select a customer group to assign for the organization, which lets you apply pricing, discounts, and personalization of content for this group.
    • Business Category. Select from the drop-down menu to assign a category to the organization. You can add more categories by clicking the icon.
    • Parent. You can assign a parent organization to an organization. If the organization you are creating is a sub-unit (child) of a larger organization, then select the parent in the drop-down menu. If you do not see the Organization listed on the drop-down menu, click More...
  4. Click OK to save the organization. The Organization Info window of the organization appears where you can view Information about the organization you just created. You also can see associated Contracts, Organizations, Addresses, and Credit Cards that Episerver provides by default. Click Edit to edit the organization. Click Organizations to return to the organization List.

Creating an organizational hierarchy

You can create an organization hierarchy by assigning a parent organization to a child organization and then another organization to the child. You can set permissions determine which users can view certain organizations in the hierarchy. In the following example, Company X is the parent organization and Company X West is the organization unit.

  1. Go to Organizations and click New Organization.
  2. Enter data for the organization (see previous section).
  3. Under the Parent option, assign the desired parent organization ("Company X"). If you do not see the organization on the drop-down menu, click More...
  4. Click OK to save the organization. In the Organization Info page, the organization unit (Company X West) becomes the child to the Organization (Company X) you selected.
  5. Repeat the steps above to create further organization units for the parent organization
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