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Creating and editing campaigns

This section describes how to work with campaigns from Commerce Manager.

  1. Click New Campaign on the Campaign List page, or select a campaign from the list. The Campaign Edit page appears.
  2. Fill out the Campaign Edit page.
    • Campaign Name. Enter a name such as Graduation Special.
    • Comments. Enter notes about the Campaign.
    • Available From. Enter a date directly (or click on the Calendar icon to select a date) and time that indicates when you want the Campaign to start.
    • Expires On. Enter a date and time in the field that indicates when you want the Campaign to end.
    • Target Segments. Select segments from the list. Segments are created under the Customer segments section.
    • Target Markets. Select markets from the list. Markets are defined in the Defining markets section.
    • Active. Click Yes to activate the campaign; otherwise No.
    • Archive. Click Yes to archive the campaign; otherwise No.
  3. Click OK.

Deleting a campaign

In the Campaign list, check the box next to the name of one or more campaigns and then click More Actions > Delete Selected. Click OK to confirm.

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