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Creating a policy [Legacy]

A policy is a business rule about eliminating similar promotionA way to apply a discount to the products, order totals, or shipping; a marketing tool used to increase sales of certain products or product lines. A promotion is associated with a campaign.s for the same order or same productCommerce: various forms of merchandise that you can display and purchase from the public site, including products, variations/SKUs, bundles, packages and dynamic packages.. A policyCommerce: rules that are executed when a promotion applies. A marketing manager can declare a rule once for the whole site such as "do not allow negative orders." executes whenever a promotion is applied. You can configure one or more policies for each store and optionally associate them with one or more promotion groups. A policy can be local or global.

  • Local policy. Associated with a promotion group, and applies only to those promotions in the group to which this policy is associated.
  • Global policy. Not associated with a promotion group because it applies to all promotions. This lets a marketing manager declare rules just once for the whole site such as Do not allow negative orders.

Only advanced Episerver Commerce users should create policies.

  1. Go to Marketing > Policies. The Policy List appears.
  2. Click New Policy. The Policy Edit page appears.
    • Policy Name. Enter a name for the policy.
    • Status. Enter the status of the policy.
    • Is Local.
      • No. Default. This policy is not part of a promotion group and is available for all promotions.
      • Yes. This policy is part of a promotion group and is applicable only for that promotion group.

      Status and Is Local are global, meaning they cannot be limited to a promotion group.

    • Expression. Select an existing policy expression.
    • Groups. Select the groups to which this policy applies.
  3. Click OK.
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