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Creating an expression [Legacy]

An expressionCommerce: customizable conditions that let users extend the marketing system -- promotions, customer segments, and policies rely on expressions. For example, to set a promotion for 40% off Item X, use Catalog ID for Item X and Reward of 40%. is a condition that lets users extend the marketing system. An expression is XML statements that create custom promotions, customer segments and policies. For example, if you want to set up a promotion to get 40% off Item X, the expression or condition includes Catalog ID for Item X and Reward of 40%.

Only advanced Episerver Commerce users with knowledge of XML should create expressions.

  1. Go to Marketing > Expressions > Promotions/Segment/Policy. The Expressions List page appears.
  2. Click New Expression. The Expression Edit page appears.
    • Expression Name. Enter a name for the expression, such as EntryCustomDiscount.
    • Description. Enter the reason for the expression.
    • Expression XML. Add the XML code for the expression.
    • Category. Select Promotion, Segment, or Policy to apply the expression to the respective folders.
  3. Click OK . The following image shows a completed expression.
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