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Adding a country to dictionaries

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

A country helps to define a market.

  1. Open Commerce Manager and go to Administration > System Settings > Dictionaries > Countries.
  2. Click New Country and fill in the following displayed in the Overview tab:
    • Overview tab
      • Country Name. Enter a name of the country.
      • Code. Enter the country code, which you can get from the MSDN site Table of Country/Region and State/Province Names and Codes [C++] (use the ISO Short Code or ISO Long Code as long as you remain consistent).
      • Sort Order. Enter a number starting from 0 (the lower number is listed at the top).
      • Visible. Select Yes to make the country name visible on the public site; otherwise No.
    • Regions tab
      • New Region Name. Enter a name, such as CA, to identify a state, province, or prefecture. Then click Add. You also can select whether the region name is Visible on the public site.

        When you click Edit, you can change the Ordering of the region. Click Update to save those changes.

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