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Customized search block

The customized search block functionality may have been disabled by an administrator. If so, you cannot access it.

A customized search blockShared and reusable content - such as an image banner, a page listing, or a video, - that you can insert into a page. (See Assets.) displays content from your website based on your search criteria. For example, you want to display content found using the search term alloy plan.

You can modify a block's appearance by including a heading, descriptions, and setting the number of results. When you place a customized search block on a page, the results of your criteria appear, as shown in the following image.

To create a customized search block, use the following steps after the block is created, you can edit it from the On-page editing viewA view from where you can edit selected properties for content. (See All properties editing view for comparison.) (basic settings only) or the All Properties editing viewA view from where you access and edit properties for content. (See On-page editing view for comparison.) (all settings).

  1. Create a block, as explained in Blocks, using the Customized Search block type.
  2. Under Required Properties, enter the Search phrase, one or more words for which you want to search content. You must enter at least one character. This phrase reappears on the block's properties screen, from where it can be edited.
  3. Click Create. The display options screen appears.
  4. Access the All Properties editing view.
  5. Under the Content tab, enter search criteria. Only Search phrase is required. Use the remaining fields to filter the search and control the display of results. The block displays content that satisfies all criteria.
    • Search heading. If you want a heading to appear above search results, enter its text.
    • Basic Search settings
      • Search phrase. Enter text for which you want to search content. You must enter at least one character.
      • Match all words. Select to require the search to include all text; clear to search for any word in the search phrase.
      • Number of hits. Enter the number (1-1000) of search results that appear in the block.
      • Include description. Select to display the description of each search result.
    • Advanced search settings

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