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Optimizing multiple sites and languages

Because search optimization is often language-specific, Episerver Find supports multiple languages and websites. Specifically, you can apply best bets or related queries to one or all websites and languages.

Websites, languages and indexes

At the top of the Optimization screen, use the drop-downs to choose a website or language, or both, to view statistics and perform search optimization.

Find needs only one main index. Multiple websites often share an index. When you add a website, Find adds the new content to the existing index.

You can use language-specific indexes to increase search precision with strategies like language tagging. For example, use word stemming to identify fish as the English root word for fishing and fisher.

When site visitors search a multi-language website, each language version of content appears separately in search results.

You must order index creation and multi-language index support from Episerver. You should enable desired languages during site setup.

The following examples illustrate search optimization with multiple websites and languages.

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