Date time

Date time lets you create a date time field where a visitor can click to pick a date from a calendar and set the time, as the following image shows.

  • Content tab
    • Label text. Enter the text you want displayed on the form.
    • Tooltip. Enter the text to display when you hover over the Date time field.
    • Picker type. You can select Date picker, Time picker, or Date time picker.
    • Validators.
      • Required. Enable Required to make sure a site visitor makes a choice before the visitor can submit the form. Disable it to make the choice optional.
    • Placeholder text. Enter the date and/or time you want to display in the field as a prompt to the user. The text prompt is not recorded in data, and is replaced by user input.
    • Predefined value. Enter a date and/or time value to display and record as the default text in the box. The visitors entry overwrites this. If you have both Placeholder text and Predefined value specified, the Predefined value appears in the box and overrides the Placeholder text.
    • Category. Not used.
  • Settings tab

    Settings tab fields are not used for form elements.

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