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Multiple or single choice

Multiple or single choice lets you insert a list of items that are single-choice radio buttons (shown in the following image) or multiple-choice check boxes.

  • Content tab
    • Label text. Enter the text you want displayed on the form.
    • Tooltip. Enter the text to display when you hover over the choice field.
    • Validators.
      • Required. Enable to make sure a site visitor makes a choice before the visitor can submit the form. Disable to make the choice optional.
      • Allow multiple choices.
        • Enable  for multiple choice check boxes.

        • Disable  for single-choice radio buttons.

    • Choices. Select one of the following.
      • Use manual input. Click Add item [+]. An Item Details screen appears.
        1. Choice. Enter the text you want to display. For example, Same-day shipping.
        2. Value. Enter the value, which is not displayed but you can use the value (such as FedEx) in your reports.
        3. Checked by default. Enable to pre-select the list item.

          You can select multiple default items for check boxes but only one item for radio buttons.

  • Settings tab

    Settings tab fields are not used for form elements.

The Multiple or single choice element is used in Example: Creating a satisfaction survey form.

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