Text area

Text area is a multiple-line text entry field.

  • Content tab
    • Label text. Enter the text you want displayed on the form.
    • Tooltip. Enter the text to display when you hover over the text box.
    • Validators.
      • Required. Require the site visitor to fill in the text box before submitting the form.
      • Regular Expression. Click Change to enter a regular expression pattern (such as /\s*/).
    • Placeholder text. Enter the text you want to display in the field as a prompt to the user. The text prompt is not recorded in data, and is replaced by user input.
    • Category. Not used.
    • Predefined value. Enter a value to display and record as the default text in the text box. The visitors entry overwrites this text.
  • Settings tab

    Settings tab fields are not used for form elements.

The Text area element is used in the following examples:

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