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Working with comments

The purpose of the comments feature when working with projects is to facilitate collaboration between editors. You can add comments on a project or on specific project items or actions. This way you can add information on changes you have made, ask other editors to review the item and so on. Other editors can view your comments and reply to them, and also add their own. You can also tag users in a comment.

A comment is only connected to the current version. As soon as a new version of the project item is created, the comment connected to the previous version disappears.

If your system has been configured to use email notifications, you will receive an email when someone else replies to one of your comments or replies, or if you have, for example, set a project item to Ready to Publish and someone else comments on this action. You will also be notified if someone tags you in a comment. How often these notifications are sent depends on the system configuration.

Adding a comment to a project or project item

  1. To add a comment to:
    • a project, select the Project Comments tab in the project overview.
    • a project item, select Show comments in the Items tab of the project overview and then a project item. Items that already have comments have a comment icon .
  2. Add a comment in the comment text box. Note that you need access rights to the item in order to view and post comments.
  3. To tag another user, enter @ followed by the user name. Select the user from the displayed list of suggested users. The tagged user will receive an email notification. Note that you can tag any of the available users but the tagged user still needs access rights to the project item in order to see the actual comment.
  4. Press Enter or click Post.

Replying to a comment

Click Reply on the comment you want to reply to and enter your comment in the text box. Press Enter or click Post.

Editing a comment or reply

You can edit comments and replies that you have created yourself. Click Edit on the comment or reply you want to change. Press Enter or click Save. Edited comments or replies are marked with a pen symbol .

Deleting a comment or reply

It is not possible to delete comments or replies yet.

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