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Adding fields to a business object

This topic is intended for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Episerver.

You can customize existing Business Foundation objects to have additional data entry fields. For example, you can add fields to the built-in Commerce Manager New Credit Card form.

  1. Click Administration, expand System Settings, and click Business Foundation to access the list of objects. This example uses the CreditCard business object.
  2. Select the business object in the list to open it for editing, or click New Field to add a new field to the business object.
  3. Fill out the New Field form to specify the type of data field you want created for the business object.
    • Business Object. Automatically populated with the business object name.
    • Field Name. Enter the system ID or name of the field. This name automatically populated the Friendly Name field.
    • Friendly Name. Automatically populated using the Field name of the business object. You can change it, but must be unique from an existing field name (special characters and spaces are permitted).
    • Description. Optionally enter text that appears below the data entry field.
    • Allow Nulls. Select the box to make this an optional field that the user fills in while editing a form. Deselect the box to make it a required field.
    • Add Field to. Select the Forms you want the field to render in, such as the Edit Form (to enter and submit information) or View Form (read information only).
    • Field Type. Select a field type from the drop-down, such as integer, URL or date.
    • Format. Select a format. The drop-down menu options depend on your Field Type selection.
    • Maximum Length. The value depends on the Field Type selection.
    • Unique value. Leave unselected.
  4. Click Save. The new field appears on the list of fields.
  5. To verify the new field, check the form associated with that new field.
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