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The Episerver user guide describes features in the Episerver platform, including CMS for content management and Commerce for e-commerce management, as well as add-ons from Episerver. New features are continuously made available through Episerver updates.

Due to frequent feature releases, this user guide may describe functionality that is not yet available on your website.

This user guide (16-2) describes features added up until and including update 105 for Episerver. Refer to Episerver World for previous user guide versions.

Area Features and updates
  • The user interface now displays comments and changes to projects immediately (update 100). Note: The feature requires WebSocket support on the web server. If this has not been enabled by an administrator, you may see a Real-time Updates dialog box. See Real-time Updates in the User interface topic for more information.
  • The CMS user interface has been rebranded and a number of images in this user guide have been updated (update 100).
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