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An add-on is a plug-in or module, developed by Episerver or Episerver partners, to extend the capabilities of Episerver. Add-ons are available from the Episerver Add-on Store inside Episerver.

A developer (or someone with Access rights) installs most add-ons. See Episerver World for installation, configuration, and customizing details for each add-on.

Many add-ons are added as Managing gadgets after you install it, either to the Episerver Managing dashboard tabs or to the User interface in edit view, to become available for usage.

Restart the website after you install, remove, or update add-ons.

The add-on system

The add-on system keeps track of system dependencies and lists installed and available add-ons and updates. You also can manually upload unlisted add-ons to the website. The following views are available:

  • Installed lists installed add-ons. When an update is available a notification is displayed here. Click the header columns to sort the list of available add-ons.
  • Episerver Add-ons, Episerver Beta and Third-Party Add-ons list available add-ons from Episerver or third-party providers.
  • Updates lists available upgrades for your website, based on products and system versions installed in your environment.

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