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You need a separate license to install Episerver Connect for Marketing Automation into the Episerver user interface or into your Visual Studio environment. See Episerver World for details about installation and configuration.

Episerver Connect for Marketing Automation lets marketers automate marketing activities based on the behavior of website visitors. Marketers can manage an online presence and deliver timely, relevant content to a target audience across channels and devices by combining Web Content Management (WCMWeb Content Management; system and procedures for managing online content.) with marketing automation.

Marketing automation tracks website visitor behavior and collects profile data. For example, a visitor who submits a form to receive a newsletter subscription provides Web form information that you can use for marketing actions, such as welcoming a new customer, engaging in cross-selling, rewarding your best customers, or following up on recent purchases.

Marketers can create mobile campaigns, landing pages, and target groups of people for email notifications.

Episerver Connect for Marketing Automation provides the following functionality:

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