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A shipping level promotionCommerce: A way to apply a discount to products, order totals, or shipping; a marketing tool used to increase sales of certain products or product lines. A promotion is associated with a campaign. gives a discountCommerce: A deduction applied to an online purchase, typically implemented as part of a marketing campaign. The discount might apply to items, shipping costs, total order amount and so on. based on the overall shipmentCommerce: a collection of products from a purchase order, ready to be shipped after going through inventory check and other verifications.. The discount appears on the order page just before you submit the order.

Episerver provides the following shipping-level promotion type, which is available in the Promotion Type field when you create a promotion:

  • Shipping: Build Your Own Discount. Create a custom shipping promotion based on a range of purchase conditions and rewards (similar to creating a custom catalog or order entry discount).

Example: buy N quantity get % off shipment discount

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