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Order processing (or fulfilling) includes adding a paymentCommerce: the verification of a money transaction in a website shopping situation. The e-commerce system most often needs a verification for a payment to create the actual purchase order and complete the shopping workflow. and releasing the order for shipping. These steps are needed to complete the order and ship it to the customer. When payment is cleared, the order is released for packing and shipping. Depending on how your system is set up, this process may be automatically handled by the system. This topic describes how the procedure is done manually.

When an order is processed and released for shipping, it has In Progress status in the order list, and appears in the Released for Shipping list under Shipping/Receiving.

  1. Go to the Order Management and open the order you want to process.
  2. Click Create Payment to add a payment to the order.
  3. Enter the amount of the payment. The Amount field auto-populates the value of the total order, including shipping costs. However, you can change the value of the payment (for split paymentCommerce: Remittance that is divided by either time (such as a subscription) or by different receivers (if you check out a cart with products from more than one seller).s between two or more payment methods at the request of the customer).
  4. Select the Payment Method from the drop-down list.
  5. Click OK. The order appears in Edit Mode.
  6. Click Save to exit Edit Mode and save your changes. The payment is automatically processed for the amount specified.
  7. Click Details to see that the Shipment Status changed to Awaiting Inventory. When you determine the availability of the item, click Release Shipment to release the order to your shipping department.

    When you click Release shipment, the status changes to Released. To further process the order, your shipping department goes to Order Management > Shipment.

    If you click Cancel shipment, you cancel the entire order. You cannot undo the cancellation.

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