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Episerver Find lets you promote content by adding best bets, search phrases that deliver selected Web content to the top of search results. Use best bets to provide answers to common questions, or to create sponsored links such as in an e-commerce site.

For example, if a search phraseOne or more words that a user enters into a search box to begin a search. has a low click-through rate, that might indicate that the content title or description is not compelling. Use a best bet to assign a custom title and description to promote that content. By customizing title and description, you optimize the site visitor's search experience.

A best bet's search phrase does not need to occur in the assigned content—you are simply mapping one or more phrases to an internal or external Web page, which appears above organic search results.

You can style a best bet to distinguish it from organic results. For example, notify visitors that a link is sponsored.

A developer needs to implement this feature in your website's styling.

You can define best bets for a specific language and a specific website.

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