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File upload lets a visitor upload a file by clicking a button and selecting it from a file browser.

You can restrict the size and types of files that the visitor is able to upload.

  • Content tab
    • Label text. Enter the text you want displayed on the form.
    • Tooltip. Enter the text to display when you hover over the upload field.
    • Max file size (in MB). Select the maximum file size (in MB).
    • Allowed extensions. Specify a comma-separated list of file extensions that you permit to be uploaded.

      To define a list of disallowed extensions, edit the defaultUploadExtensionBlackList in _protected/EPiServer.Forms/Forms.config.

    • Validators. Enable Required to make sure a site visitor makes a choice before the visitor can submit the form. Disable it to make the choice optional.
  • Settings tab

    Settings tab fields are not used for form elements.

The File upload element is used in the following examples:

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