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The edit view in Episerver only displays the default content types, such as pages, blocks, media, and products. Your website may have been set up with custom content types (that are implementing IContent) and these are not accessible via the navigation and assets panes in edit view. However, they are accessible from admin view > Admin > Tools > Manage Content.

Browse to the content item you want to change and select one of the options:

  • Edit content. Opens the item in the edit view and you can edit it as any default content item.
  • Manage access rights. Opens the Set access rights dialog box for the specific item. For details on access rights and how to change them, see Access rights.
  • Delete. Deletes the item. It is not possible to restore the item.
  • Move to trash. Moves the item to trash. From trash, you can restore the item as long as the scheduled job, Automatic Emptying of Trash, has not run.

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