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Add dynamic content to a page by retrieving it from different properties for a page. The source of the dynamic content can be, for instance, text in the “main body” field (the editor area on a page), or the date when a page was saved.

For example, you can use dynamic content to display company facts and figures that are reused on multiple pages of a website. You also can combine dynamic content with a visitor group; see Personalizing content.

Dynamic content is not enabled by default. An administrator must enable it in the administration view. If it is not enabled, you will not see the Dynamic content button Episerver image on the editor toolbar.

Add dynamic content from a Page Property as follows:

  1. Open the page or block where you want to add the dynamic content and click the Dynamic content button Episerver image on the editor toolbar.
  2. In the Dynamic content window, select the plug-in that you want to use as a base for your dynamic content. An Episerver CMS standard installation includes the Page property plug-in, which is used in this example.
  3. In Page to insert content from, select the page in the tree structure from which you want to display the data.
  4. In Property to insert content from, select the property on the page from which you want to display data. In this example, you fetch data from the Main body property of a page.
  5. Optional: In Personalization settings, you can click + to select the visitor group you want to have access to the dynamic content.
  6. Click OK. The dynamic content appears as a box in the editor area. When this property is updated, all dynamic instances of the property in the content are automatically updated.
  7. Preview the content and publish, or schedule for later publishing.

Editing dynamic content

You can cut, copy and paste dynamic content boxes in the editor area, just as you can with any other object. Select the “box” with dynamic content in the editor area, and click the Dynamic content toolbar button to edit. To delete, select the dynamic content box you want to delete and click Delete.

Cut and copy for a dynamic content box in the editor area may work differently depending on the browser you use. You may have to use either the cut and copy editor toolbar buttons, or the right-click and cut and copy of your browser, instead of the keyboard keys. If you have trouble placing the cursor immediately before or after a dynamic content box in the editor area, try using the keyboard arrow keys instead of the mouse.

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