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The TinyMCE rich-text editor is a property where you can enter information such as text with formatting, images, tables and links to other content. The rich-text editor is used for both pages and blocks in Episerver CMS, and for catalog content if you have Episerver Commerce installed.

The Episerver sample templates come with a selection of activated editor functions (buttons). You can activate additional buttons from the administration view. You can drag and drop blocks into the editor area, and pages from the page tree to create links. Spell checking is available either from the browser you are using, or through the Spell checker add-on from Episerver.


The Styles option displays a drop-down list with predefined style formats retrieved from the CSS style sheets on the website, to be used when formatting text.

You can extend the styles list to include specific formatting for an introduction text, a predefined table layout, or to position images with floating text in the editor area.

Copying and pasting

When you copy and paste text from external sources, you want to avoid including undesired formatting tags. You should work with plain text, or only use the Copy from Word option when copying from properly formatted Word documents.

Paste as plain text toolbar button Toggle paste as rich or plain text pastes the text as rich text by default; toggle to paste as plain text. Use keys Ctrl+v or Cmd+v to paste the text. Then use predefined styles to format the text as desired.
Paste from Word toolbar button Paste from Word keeps the formatting from the Word document. Use keys Ctrl+v or Cmd+v to paste the content into the Paste from Word window, and click Insert to insert the content into the page.
To transform the text formatting from Word into the website’s style, the headings and body text must be formatted using available template styles in Word. When you copy and paste text from Word, a ”heading 2” in Word is converted into the ”heading 2” using the website styles.
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