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By applying a category to a productCommerce: various forms of merchandise that you can display and purchase from the public site, including products, variations/SKUs, bundles, packages and dynamic packages., you can adjust a catalogCommerce: a top-level container for catalog entries such as categories, products, and variants (SKUs).'s structure and range to optimize the selling potential of its products. You can also

When creating a catalog, consider the maintenance and performance of its structure. Do not create hierarchies of categories, products, or variants that are too deep. On the other hand, a flat catalog structure with too many entries in a category can negatively impact performance.

Categorization involves the following tasks.

  • Move. Lets you restructure a catalog by moving catalog entries to another catalog node; related products and variants are also moved. Links to other catalog entries are kept intact. See Working with Commerce Categories.
  • Duplicate Creates a copy of a catalog entry in a new catalog location. See Working with Commerce Categories.
  • Link.
  • Creates a relation link between catalog entries. For example, you assign a new sneaker to the Featured Products category. Then, instead of duplicating the product, you link it to the Sport Shoes category. The sneaker is visible and editable from both locations.

    Use links to promote new, popular, or sale products by displaying them as featured products on category and search result pages. You can display top selling products in your store, and create up-sell or cross-sell items, like Product Accessories or You May Also Like displays. See Linking a catalog entry to a category.

  • Detach. Removes a relation link. See Detaching a catalog entry from a category.
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