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You can create your own customer (contactCommerce: An individual with personalized information (name, address, email, and so on), created when a user on the front-end registers to make a purchase. You also can manually create a contact account from the back-end, assign the contact to organizations or organization units, and assign permissions based on role.) groups that you can apply when you add contacts to your organization. By default, customer groups can be of type Customer, Partner or Distributor. This type of data is managed in dictionaries. You can use customer groups when you define pricing or restrict promotions.

  1. In Commerce Manager > Customer Management, open the Contacts Edit page by creating a new contact or editing an existing one. Click Edit Dictionary next to the Customer Group drop-down menu.
  2. On the dialog box that appears, click Edit to modify an existing customer group dictionary. To add a new item to the dictionary, click New Item.
  3. Select the order of the item from the drop-down on the left and enter a name for the item on the field next to the drop-down.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Close. You can select the dictionary item in the Customer Group drop-down.

To delete a dictionary item, open the dictionary list and click Delete next to the item.

If you change the number to a position higher in the list, the list is not automatically reordered. You must therefore manually edit the entire list. However, having multiple copies of the same numerical value does not affect the system. Therefore, you can use the numbers as a ranking system, or you can devise your own internal method of numbering.

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